‘Hanista’ by Fiona Glen

‘Hanista’ is a drawing by Fiona Glen — inspired by a photograph of her good friend, Hani, stripping in the woods on Mont Royal, Montreal.


“Hani is truly liberated
Hani is simultaneously a wise, wooden-shoed babushka and a naive fairy child
Hani loves spontaneous piercings
Hani will wear a red fishnet top to a bar and work it
Hani has dared to be true to her beliefs, and a political pariah in her family
Hani supports survivors of sexual assault on a late-night hotline
Hani dances like a prowling panther, like nobody else
Hani is the most compassionate person I can remember meeting
Hani will walk to wherever you are in the city and stay for as long as you need her
Hani is one of my favourite women ever”

Fiona Glen is a strange being who originates from Edinburgh, and currently resides in The Hague, where she is nearing the end of her studies in Middle Eastern cultures. She was born on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, which probably accounts for her weird energy, which she channels into writing satirical horoscopes, plunging herself frequently into the North Sea and having bizarre travel experiences. Having lived in the USA and Canada as well, she is no stranger to moving, and hopes to be living in Beirut, Paris or London by the end of this year.

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