‘trespassing’ by Angela Ross Perfetti

when we jumped
over the fence
to see the sheep
in the slanted meadow
i tried not to look at her smile
because i didn’t think
it was for me but
later she said that
she looked at the pink sunlight
on my face, which
was nice and reminded me
of the time we flooded
the flat and how she laughed.

the evening it happened
we had done nothing in particular
i had just come over for tea
and she had spilled hers
on herself and on the floor
and we mopped it up
then lay on her bed
listening to music
when I realized that I loved her
and isn’t that everything.

Angela Ross Perfetti is a full-time postgraduate student in Anthropology, and part-time many other things — including a writer. She was inspired to write by the excellent spoken word artists of Philadelphia. Now living in Durham, England, her writing primarily includes poetry, with an occasional short essay here and there. She is still growing as a writer, and hopes this remains true for a long time. You can find more of her work here.

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