‘Women’s Walk’ by Eleanor Capaldi

“When tasked with creating something about the connection between women, I thought of the multitude of times when women I had never met before recognised my circumstances, and stepped in. Whether it was sharing their taxi so I wasn’t left alone with the drunk man at the taxi rank or, in the case of this poem, allowing me to walk with her at night so I could be safer. This ‘unspoken alliance’ which I refer to in the poem comes from the shared experience, presented in life as par for the course, of having to continually be on guard to protect oneself. Especially at night, especially when on your own, and especially if you’re a woman.”

“I wanted to communicate how this experience feels, as the extra work women must do to ensure their safety is too quick to be undermined by too many. I coupled the words with footage of a dark night from a first person point of view to place the viewer as close as possible to being ‘in my shoes.’ The use of limited field of vision, and only my shadow and some street lights to populate the shots is to deny the viewer too much visual information, a disadvantage in making one’s way in a new environment.”

Eleanor Capaldi is a Film and TV graduate from the University of Glasgow, with a background in journalism (VICE, Munchies, The Skinny, Glasgow Film Theatre). More recently she has been writing short stories (Bare Fiction) and has written and performed spoken word. Her first short film was completed at the end of last year, and she is now exploring combining written and visual forms.

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  1. Reblogged this on emc and commented:
    Happy to share the first volume of an excellent project, Hold my Purse. I contributed a poem on what it is to walk in the dark and the female network that is our safety net. Just press play 🙂


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