“English literature can be a heavily male space, and that’s what we are working to challenge.”

“We have been working on the Transatlantic Literary Women series since November, within which we’ve organized eleven events, including: free public talks, workshops, a day symposium, and a reading group. It’s a project focussed on Women in the Arts. In terms of the transatlantic tradition and Anglo-American literary relationships, attention has traditionally been on male (usually white) contributors; it definitely feels timely to explore that connection, build transatlantic bridges to talk about still-overlooked experiences of literary women on either side of the Atlantic.

We try to do our best to make our events public, inclusive, and accessible. We have organized most of our events in the evenings – when it is relatively convenient for people to attend – and we have chosen popular and public venues across Glasgow, and have given out books for free. There’s no entry fee. And we had our final event today – the Symposium – in Glasgow Women’s Library, and as you saw, there were quite a few male attendees, and one of our speakers was male. English literature can be a heavily male space, and that’s what we are working to challenge. However, this is not a women-only space (although we appreciate the value and necessity of such spaces), any more than it is an academic or student-only space: we hope to make TLW something everybody feels welcome to.”

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