“It was a challenge in the beginning to grasp what the other was trying to communicate…”

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt female friendship/connection was particularly challenging? Does any specific relationship or situation come to mind?

[Left] “Perhaps whenever we encounter a conflict in understanding what it means to be female, which is actually so steeped in our social and cultural background.”

[Right] “Sometimes, the barrier with language challenges it, because we come from different countries and cultural spheres. It was a challenge in the beginning to grasp what the other was trying to communicate – we had to use synonyms, or explain things more when, for example, either of us told a ‘native’ joke.”

Can you describe your first impressions of each other? Be honest!

[Right] “It was good, really! On our first day of class, all of us had to introduce ourselves – our names, countries, expectations – and when she talked, I was intrigued enough to want to talk to her.”

[Left] “I am trying to remember. I think we realized that we shared the same route home after the second seminar. I don’t remember what I thought of her on our first meeting but I think it really impressed me when she said she worked as an editor back in Colombia. Our friendship really took off after we discovered that we had the same birthday – and by then we had already fallen into the habit of going out for drinks or dinner, and walking home together after our evening classes.”

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