‘Landscapes’ by Laura Dow

Laura Dow is a photographer based in Edinburgh and Bristol, and is currently in her final year of studying MA Fine Art at Edinburgh University. Growing up on the coast of Scotland, Laura takes inspiration in the boundaries of land and its capacity to shape one’s identity.

‘Getting There’ by Fiona Dorchester

It's like God ran out of earth when he made the glen. Like he had to roll out what was left, but there wasn't quite enough to cover the ancient rocks that lay just below the surface. If Cameron was here he'd be telling me to stop talking daft. For the first time since it happened, I'm glad.

‘Choeung Ek’ by C.A. Steed

The nurse, one of the women I met while traveling, is walking ahead of me on the dry earth path. Her head is bent. She stops, frowns, then with her foot traces a white stick half-buried in the path. “That’s a thigh bone.”

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